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I don’t know what I feel
This fucking life is so boring
Sometimes I know something could be happened
Sometimes it comes to an unpredictable condition
And I don’t even believe in the coincedence
One thing I absolutely am sure about
God is the director of this created world

The darkness has came as fast as they can
Slowly, my life’s surrounded by
I walk this empty mind in the darkness
God knows and He tries to help me by His way
Still, satan laugh at me, laugh out loud

I am sinking in the darkness
My screaming to help is a voiceless
Noone ever come to help me out
They don’t know and they don’t even care

I swim the imagination in the coal black of mind
The sharks of knowledge is haunting me by its fast
It makes my world goes on, on and on
Nowhere to run, no place to escape
Live this such life in the light of the darkness


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