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You are still crying in the deep of the sadness
Just try to pass away the past that is haunting you
It’s ‘bout the mistakes, what you’ve done
And it becomes a nightmare in your enjoying happiness
Ruin the felicity down

You are still musing in the darkness of mind
Finding the truly yours, how it comes to this
Lost the control of your life
Warding yourself off from the lights of kindness
Escaping from reality in the solitary nights

You are still talking the bullshit things you’ve never heard
Put your heart into the poignant wounds
Sinking in the emptiness emotion
Feel nothing about life you live in
Surrounded by the ruin of the unexpressed feelings

You are still waiting for something that never definitely exist
Hoping in your optimistic heart for all night long
There are something wrong in your curiosity
But you are gone mad by your blind desire
Turn everything in your dream into pieces

You are still singing a song in the graveside of your memory
Remembering the time that slowly passing you by
Long draw out in the melody of your grey future
Do nothing but cry day and night
Try to taking back the stolen life from the master of time

And still, you are reaching for the damned special thing you named love
Pray the Lord in the dark space of loneliness
Make the braveheart from the dough of your worthless life
Take the hazardous life to find the answer of your destiny
But you don’t even know the meaning of anything
Cap off your story in the never ending night
And everything turns into nothing


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