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Eternal Blue Sky

The world has been changing in the river of time
No one could possibly imagine what would happen
Nothing’s gonna make things better
But our humanity and fraternity
And some secret of the nature’s heart

The world has been becoming into the different thing
Changing in the never ending change for every single time
Go along the edge in the cold flow of time
Softly, touching by the wind blows in the eternal blue sky

There is no such a damned cruel fate
Every living things makes their own way to live with
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that we are given

A slight of hope will make this obstacles passing us by
The sun will rise beetwen the blue mountains
And the blue will colour the bright sky

The given time
Lay us under a necessity of the mental work
Makes the living death to set a high value on this life
Fills the blank spot of both sadness and happiness
Undercarriage of the eternal blue sky

And your innocent smiles that is decorating my life
Encourage the spirit of my given time
Seems like everything turns into its wonderful way
Embracing my trembling heart in the cold of winter
Flying me without wings into the eternal blue sky


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