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City Of The Damned

I look up into those fields
Everything begins through an end
The emptiness…

Time, slowly passing us by in the sadness
But become so fast if it takes the happiness
In the city of damned

Peoples are crying around, who care??
Destitution has made the face of the city
Evils have standing tall
Covering us from the shining lights of the sun
Thrust in the roots into the bloomers mind
Smiling, laughing, in satisfying

Flowing tears, giggles, and bloods
Love is just a lie and no such a damned affection
Changing the suffering heart into the abhorrent face of laugh
Saying the flowing fucking periods from time to time

The living death put the arms to the justice
Still, they believe in and trust to
City of the damned, justice had taken its leave
There is no rules walks on the road

In this ever changing world
Sands of time has pile up out of control
The red armies then will come to burn the hope down
Running through the handwringer heart
Give the throne of the city of the damned to Miss Evil


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