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The Pilgrim Of Love

I do the journey to my deepest heart
Conquer the alp of vanity in the shrine
Find love and my soul’s hurted
Stood forth wobbly in the moraine

O, mankind of gaga
Seek a way and manipulate the fate’s agenda
Thy heart, soiled and soft
Put in a good word for love

The pilgrims have made the journey
Reach the cemetery of loneliness soul
Pulling the love out from the darkness they stay
Give the shining light to thou the fool

Still, no men has realized for the truth
Wash the unclean heart by the time river that oozy
In the name of peace and love
Make some rowdy in the boozy

I wonder why God created the love
The zany says “for mankind of his glory”
But in my voyage of the uncertain life
I see the life of the living death in misery

The pilgrims have taken their leaves
Leave the love alone in the mausoleum and dead
Soak the loneliness heart into pieces
Bring the eternal damnation and mistreat


2 responses to “The Pilgrim Of Love

  1. sukro ⋅

    maksud puisinya apa bro?? pilgrim itu peziarahkan?? Peziarah cinta??

  2. jacknhelena ⋅

    lu bisa mengertikannya sendiri…
    puisi jadi lebih indah kalo mengandung seribu makna..
    tapi gw bikin puisi hanya karena isenk, ga da maksud apa-apa…

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