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We standing here as the men of God
Try to understand ourself deep inside
Try to mug up the things God has been created
Try to find the special meaning of life

And we try to disavow our imperfection
Breaking the faith with our defactiveness
The things we thought and we made
Lead our walks into ungratefulness
Inviting the disaster of human race

Our days are gone mad
Annoying by studying we have to
The living dead starves from the hunger
We forget how to thank God for the bed we sleep in
But still, we take something for our life avariciously

We walk this path all alone
Make a friend with lust and desire
Driving the car of knowledge in the darkness mind
We make a deal with conspiracy
Turn everything into different direction
In the name of the truth
Blotting the meaning out of the human race

Where will we go??
Make a better place over the heap of corpses
The wrath earth start to run the riot
The sky distraught and shed the sorrow tears
We just created the end of mankind

We standing here again
Crying for the land we crumble
The sky doesn’t seem to listen
When there are nothing left to regret
We try to remember in the emptiness
Squeamishly cry for the mercy to The Merciful Lord
Sadly blame ourself into eternal damnation


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