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The Ballad Of Umbrella Boy And Rainy Girl

I see you in my nightmare
Flowing tears in the empty road
The rain plays a dance you are scare
You are standing melancholy and sad

The dark sky decorates your passionate day
The things always seem to be hurting you
You can’t see anything but gray
And you are all alone to do

The rain starts to fall on the road we are walking
Remembering the time we were enjoying
It brings us to tears and flowing in uncertainty heart
The tears of happiness and hurt

Now, i can’t see you in the rain
Wondering where would you be in
Have you forgotten this muddy rain?
Or you just get inside and sleep in?

Don’t be scare of anything
I will keep you warmly in my arms
I will do my best for everything
And my umbrella will save you from the rain that’s harm

But now you go through the rain
Break down every words I vow
Bring me the sadness for you never coming in
Passed away through the colorful rainbow


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