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There was a time
When you fought for the truth
You drew your swords with no mercy
Spoke out loudly and burnt the spirit up
“We are man of the justice age”

You fought for us
You’re hurted for us
You’re blooded for us
And you’re died for us

But I can’t remember the day
You have gone and never come back
I can’t remember the age
I’ve been worried for all day long

Enjoying the cozy place in the Elysian fields
The knights in the great reunion
Talking the workship you have done
Stay together in the eternal melody
Sing a song of joy and happiness
Feel the beautiful spark of divinity

Can’t you see us from your place??
Kierkegaard had been worried about himself
Sartre had been disputed about his presence
We will never be ourselves Anymore

I will never walk alone again
I fight for the truth and human race
Side by side with my friend “The Loneliness”
But I still hope you leave the plains
Put up a good fight for one last time
And we will walk together to the Elysian


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