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Light in the Shadows

Place the question on the boundary of knowledge
Beyond believes and transcendental
We have to walk the edge
May the satisfaction be to all

We don’t understand the perfect symmetry
Don’t you try to make it through
I won’t leave it in the cemetery
And we don’t wanna understand although

The fool stops learn to know how
A simple thing we know is nothing
Let’s start the new era in the shadow
Life peacefully with no questioning

Snobbery is what they wear
Indifferent is what they dear
Change is what they scare
Progress is what they fear

When the truth speaks through you
When the light shines between you
When the idea rises upon you
When the shadow fades away behind you
You are alone at all

O milady!!
What is your friend??
What is out of there??
Why are you going insane??
Why is everything unclear??


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