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The Ballad of The Bird and The White Rose

When time tells a story
There is love between two creatures
Comes from the heart that’s free
Binding the fate for a future

The lonely bird, play and swing
Through the air, happy and dancing
Smash the wind, enjoy and smiling
Live the life by full of wondering

To see a lovely rose on the ground
Embarrassed in the reddish
With no the special all around
Disappointed in the selfish

The cruel fate arranges the meeting
The cupid have started to act
The bird fall in love and melting
Try to climb the forbidden track

Fight to conquer the pride
Sacrifice his wings and his life
To be exchanged in the red
Spread the love that is rife

The tears have damped the earth
The regret have plied the heart
Nothing’s left but a wrath
And a wide scar with hurt

Inspired by Novent’s short story : Cerita Burung dan Mawar Putih


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