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Whatever what you are worried about
You’ll never see the truth inside your mind
It is not the truth you see
It is something you want to see to

Something you know as the truth

Your beauty, poison every nerves in the head
Your shines, blind every eyes who looking for
Paralyze the muscles, fall into drunk
As every legs stand on the white grass
Feeling neither alive nor dead
And you break the oath you’ve vowed
And give a damn to the savior

When heart has screaming and brain has melting
The storm started to prevent the wrath
Be burnt in the fire of silent jealousy
In the name of lust, refuse the God’s intention
A beautiful face that launched a thousand ships

The day has come and the ships have sailed
Nothing is right or wrong and everything is grey
The stars start to fall into red
Bring you to tears again for what will be coming in
The day has come, the damned glorious day
The day the peoples’s dead and the heroes’s killed
And bring you to tears again


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