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The Freedom Of Alienation

We have came to this by through and through
Walking the path down in the warmth of a dream
Until we see a wondering rainbow in a borough
Wake us up from a freaking nightmare and then scream

We just came from this all singing crap
Live a life in a cage and we’re trapped
Until we free and feel the happiness
For just to be found by emptiness and loneliness

We frequently ask a question about who we are
We answer it ourself with no limited reference
We realize that we’ve nothing to say about who we are
We just fragmented ourself with no coherence
We are pensive and wake us up again from a nightmare

We crawl beneath the shining sun into reality
Imprisoned in the middle of nowhere impersonated
We get everything and become what we want to be
Until we have nothing else to desire and be separated
We will never be who we mean to be

We just are thrown into the reality
Be scaring out to be happy and thinking differently
Be striken out by anxiety to seek our authentic existence
We are all the creepy dancing in the fraternity
Until we realize that we are nothing but together and lonely
We live our life in the freedom of alienation

And there are no more anything
For nothing that shall be a thing
Because they will turn to be gone
For everything that rises and down


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