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Conflict Of Existential

I pass the time by, in the mind of loneliness
I walk the path through, in the song of memories
I play the part of, in the word of destiny
I live the life with, in the dance of uncertainty

I breathe the freedom from the air
I drink the water from the river
I fly myself into the sky
I live my life till I die
For something but holy shit
For nothing but heaven’s seed

I found my life free in the cage of freedom
Am I free? Or am I caged?
I am free in a cage
And I am caged by my freedom

Where am I now?
I wanna free from my freedom
I want my freedom free
Who am I now?

I can’t find myself in reality
I can’t be what I want to be
I can’t define my identity
I can’t feel myself free

I lost in the river of time
Questioning about my-caged-existence
And time keeps moving on and on
Soon we will all be gone


One response to “Conflict Of Existential

  1. Most of the blogs online are pretty much the same but i think that your blog can be an exception. Bravo !

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