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An Eternal Love

As the leaves happily falling to the ground
Dancing through the wind blows and the dusts
Without feeling burdened be by all around
Smiles have always depicted upon your face
And sometimes, you clean your sweats and look up into the sun

To see your contended smile softly
Is about to feel peacefulness covering my soul
To be touched by your skin smoothly
Is the way to bring happiness into my world
To listen your meaningful words deeply
Is about to hear a glorious song of a fighter
To be loved by your heart warmly
Is the way I live in an eternal affection forever

Your struggling can’t be stopping by
Even sometimes you cry within your heart
Your spirit keep walking, passing the time by
While there are times you are feeling hurt
None of a thing that can’t stop your love

No wonder you could rise an eternal love
God has placed heavens under your feet
And you always have a heart that is soft

To someone who we consider as our Mother


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