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Blue Roses

Move, just move along with
Inside the dreams

Walking in the shadow of my existence
Under the sky’s vault
Covered by bright blue sky

Nothing has came, nothing has lost
In the language of signs
Through the silent majorities
Walking the ruins of civilization around

To squire the journey of time
To the end we left behind
In the jungle of knowledge
It’s happened and to be happened inside

The sun rises through the dawn
To squire into the depths
The soul in the path to the town

The windows from which the eyes see
Refracted the future of the past
Showing the opaque traces of tragedy
Somewhere the road has to go to
Everywhere but here to belong to

Walking down the flower road of blue roses
To start an end and to end the beginning
On the way to where I belong and rest

It seems so far and far away
To carry the things and burry it
To reach the stars up to the sky
Save me from the nothing I have become
Bring me the meaning on my way home


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