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The Beginning

The destiny of the world had been written by,
For none shall know the future in its way.
Filling by surprises the life shall and may;
I am happy and then happier to cry…
But time stream my steps down bit by bit,
Dragging me off by what my mind’s hit;
A place in the middle of nowhere that is lit.

The canoe of mind has shipping away into the burning lake;
For I shan’t taste something from nothing, for God’s sake,
And to find the every-meaning of me with no fake.
Passing the night through by through, the unusual channels;
To conquer the unconquerables, to become what impossibles.
In the deep of self with strangers I can’t tell;
In the sea of a thousand madness I dwell.

O my, those who has a Godforsaken-heart,
Are those who make a self-hurted;
Never to respect  the gift and the light,
But cry all along for day and night.
Maybe it be, the winds of time are too strong,
And the path we take are suddenly too long;
Just give your heart courage by a pray and my song.

The day’s gone by and time’s slowly passing us by;
But we never stop to do and give it a try,
In the warmth of brightly hope and pray.
But the longing of you has trapping me down into storms,
Pulling me back to a place somewhere I came from,
Driving my heart off, to return me, home sweet home,
Where I find me feeding by the essence of a full blossom.


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