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I remember a story of which is ever told by
the old one about the forgotten hometown I can’t deny
been so long I drowned me sink into a running bay
and how I miss to lay the shits a whole damned day
the longing that embraces the soul in the dim light
to carry me on through the jungle of  the beasts-fight
a hometown I doubtedly known ever exist in my sight

The future hits my conscious , o nightmare!
a victorious song they sung in the trafalgar square
the bloods they sacrificed in the tiananmen square
and the tears they dropped over the berlin wall
where am I now ‘cause to the sky I fall
fly and fly through the wind I feel so small
the dusts of the morning sky about nothing at all

Somebody I barely listen to just knock my heart
tell a story a man and his shadow on the road
he runs to a house, to be in the silence dark
days and nights come over through the chamber of float
while the cloud just dance to chase the flying birds away
by the time of its merit, here it comes the heavenly sky
I silently hide in nothingness, sing a song and then lay

What is the meaning of life
what would it take along the journey of reaching it
they far away and away from the hive
valid to the limit, o splendid…


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